Duilio enjoying business elite

On the 14th, we had a flight from JFK to Rome.  I have to say that this trip over the pond was the easiest one since we’ve had kids.  We broke up the trip by staying at the JFK Sheraton the night before.  The boys got to swim and relax before we flew that evening.  We also flew business elite.  What a difference from coach where you feel like you’re folded into the seat.  No begging for a glass of water in business.

Duilio and Russell had a blast checking out the bag of goodies and playing with the seat controls.  We all even caught some ZZZZZ’s.

After an uneventful drive from Rome to Cava de’ Tirreni, we attempted to find Casa Guilia (our temporary efficiency apartment).  We had turn-by-turn directions from Google.  Unfortunately, road signs are necessary to use them.  Not even the locals know the names of the streets.  We finally had to call Casa Guilia and the owner kindly met us at the central train station.  We followed him up the same streets we circled many times!