View from our hotel room

 We spent last week at the Grand Hotel Salerno (  Luca was working and we needed to spend some time in our new city to find an apartment.  We like Salerno so far.  I no longer find it necessary to check each day to determine the day’s activities or dress.  It simply sunny and mid-80’s.  We spent most evenings at the large historic “centro” with its many restaurants and shops.  

Duilio Eating Octopus

 Duilio was willing to try new types of food; Russell not so much!  

Taverna Santa Maria de Domno

One restaurant was especially enjoyable.   The Taverna Santa Maria di Domno is housed in part of an old church.  It has a cozy atmosphere and delicious food.  Many of the dishes offered in Salerno’s restaurants include seafood for obvious reasons.  

Another feature of Salerno that we really enjoy is the Lungomare.  It is 2.5 mile long promenade along the sea.  It is used for running, walking, eating gelato or, the favorite pastime of Italians, talking on your mobile phone.



Russell playing with a water fountain on the lungomare