The Boys and I near the beach

On Friday, Luca surprised us by coming back to the hotel early and taking us for lunch in a town on the Amalfi Coast called Cetara.    Luca had asked a colleague for recommendations.  The guy proceeded to call the restaurant to make sure the direttore received the right type of attention.   Luca has been amused by the deferential treatment he gets at his new company.   Things like being offered coffee or people making copies for him would never happen voluntarily in the US.  You’re lucky if the administrative assistant will answer your phone.   Personally, I think he kind of likes it. 

Luca looking like the Italian hottie that he is

Cetara is about 5 km from Salerno following the winding coastal road.    It’s so beautiful that I wanted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.   The sun is bright but the constant breeze keeps you comfortable.    (Not the place for a tidy hairstyle.)   We sat on the lovely terrace of the Ristorante San Pietro.    

Ristorante San Pietro

We had several seafood antipasti; each little tidbit presented and served on different plates and wisked away when finished.  On to the primi of seafood risotto.  

The Chosen Fish

Finally, the secondi of a fish that met our approval before getting cooked up in the kitchen.    Of course, this was accompanied by a lovely glass of chilled white wine.  Life was definitely good that afternoon!   The boys were even relaxed and enjoyed the restaurant.  Those of you that know me well know that taking my boys out to eat is not among my favorite things to do.    I look forward to exploring more of the Amalfi Coast.

Building in Cetara