View of the main house

For Luca’s second week of vacation, we stayed in Foggia at Luca’s parents.   We stayed in the belotta which means party house.     A couple years ago, they painted and cleaned it up.   It serves as a comfortable, separate guest house.   

The Chicken House

Luca’s father has a penchant for building projects.    During our six years of marriage, I’ve seen another guest house started (underway), chicken houses suitable for Donald Trump’s chickens (completed), a road through the property to the back gate (underway).   I refer to the road as the municipal project.  

The municipal project - the road will extend from here along the back of the property

In you live in a country villa in Italy, it is normal to have high walls around the entire property for privacy and security.   Luca found it very strange when he first moved to the U.S. how open all our property is.  In Italy, you can drive down these roads that look like nothing but when you go through a gate, it is a different world inside. 

We spent a few more days at the beaches in Mattinata and Vieste on the Gargano coast.  One day, Luca and I set off on our own to Trani.  Trani is a beautiful seaside city about one hour from Foggia.   We spent the day strolling around the historic buildings and castle.  Of course, we had a delicious seafood lunch overlooking the harbor and enjoyed being able to have a conversation.

Fishing boats in Trani Harbor

Man repairing fishing net

Cathedral-I'm the lady with the big hat & fabulous tan

Castello di Trani


You may have noticed that I don’t write about the city of Foggia much.   Foggia was heavily bombed during WWII which destroyed its historic character.  Only a small historic center survived.  The city was rebuilt with what appears to be little civic planning with unattractive buildings.   Garbage is a problem that really bothers me.   Instead of putting your garbage out once a week for pick up, people are supposed to take their garbage to dumpsters at particular collection points.   However, the dumpsters are not emptied often enough.  The dumpsters overflow and then people continue to throw garbage on the side of the road.     In many places along side of the road, the garbage is burned to get rid of it.  It’s a real problem.    I tried running one particularly windy morning, got covered with ash from some genius burning stuff on a windy day and barked at by feral dogs.   (You have to carry a stick or rock when you run.)   Arrghhhh!  Ok, so it’s not my favorite area.    That’s alright; it’s back to Salerno anyway and the agriturismo we’re staying at looks awesome.