I’m really living the life this summer.  The boys and I have been on vacation since we arrived on 15 July.  You would think that I’d be full of energy but I actually seem to be getting lazy.  We’d better get back to real life soon!    We have found an apartment that we like and we’re waiting for the paperwork to be completed before getting too excited about it.   It is taking even longer than usual to get squared away since E-V-E-R-Y-O-NE is on vacation in August.   We’re not talking about one week here.  We’re talking one month. In any case, the apartment won’t be available at the earliest 15 September and the latest 1 October.  We have about a month left of the gypsy life.   We hope to spend the remaining time at Agricola Villa Lupara, an agriturismo halfway between Salerno and Cava de’ Tirreni.  It’s nestled into the mountains but you can still see Salerno and the sea.  They grow grapes for their own sulfate-free wine.  In fact, everything they grow is biologic (organic). 

I’m even driving my little “half a car” as my friend, Mary, called it.  When we first arrived in Salerno, I was nervous about driving in this region.  Everything in the south of Italy is slow except for the drivers!   I don’t understand what their rush is.  Although they are reckless, they must be skilled drivers or there would be a lot more accidents.  Anyway, on our nightly excursions, I’ve been driving and getting accustomed to roads and driving style.  I think I’m probably frustrating a lot of Italian drivers in the process (ha, ha).  I only made one wee mistake.  We were driving up a steep, crazy, windy one lane (but used for two) road and I stopped because we were unsure of where we were going.  It was too steep to start going up again with a stick shift; no traction on cobblestone with those little wheels.  I had to back down to the last turn.  Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone behind us.   Lesson learned.   I can’t understand why Luca wanted to drive home that night!