Peasant eating dinner

Last weekend, we went to a medieval festival in a little  borgo (village) called Corpo di Cava.   I had been to a similar fair in the US but it is a lot more authentic on the backdrop of medieval era buildings.   There are many of these festivals in Italy for different reasons.  This particular festa is held to commemorate a visit from the pope about 1,000 years ago. 

Peasant with his donkey. Good costume!

We arrived just as a parade was marching through the street with drummers out front followed by men at arms, clergy and then the “pope”.  The boys were thrilled to see real “knights” with chain mail and swords.   We’ve been reading about knights since we stayed at the castello in Perugia.    As with celebrations everywhere, food is major attraction at the festa.    We purchased a couple of “menus” where you take the tickets to different serving stations set up throughout the village.  The primi piatto was a chickpea stew and a cup of red wine.  They actually gave you an earthenware bowl, wooden spoon and cup.     Live medieval music and dancing was the backdrop to our first course. 

Community Laundry

You then wander through the cobbled streets with various narrow passages to see the animazione – people in period dress performing different tasks such as washing clothes, making pottery or eating a meal.    Duilio was especially intrigued with how they washed clothes.  He said, “Why do they do that?” as the women scrubbed and slapped the clothes on the stone trough.    I could tell he was thinking, “where’s their washing machine?” 

We found the station for the secondi piatti which was stewed lamb (I think) on a bread trencher.  I was surprised they could make such tasty food in large quantities.    We really enjoyed the festival.    We may even participate in one sometime.    How do you think Luca would look in tights? 

Luca in tights?

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