We’re gypsies no more.   This is our second week in the apartment.   We’re basically functioning but are still surrounded by boxes.  It is not what I would call the smoothest move.   The movers arrived with our sea shipment of 270 boxes.  That’s right folks, 270 BOXES of all shapes and sizes.  The movers were quick and efficient.  They opened the big stuff like couches, beds and dressers leaving us with approximately 220 boxes to unpack.   I have learned that when goods are shipped by sea, they are packed in a LOT of paper. 

A few interesting facts about Italian homes:

  • They do not have built in closets.    This means we do not have anywhere to put our clothes or other stuff.  (Hmmmm, let’s revisit the thought of 270 boxes.)   Friday, we went to my favorite store, Ikea, and purchased two massive wardrobes.   I am ever so thankful that Salerno has the shopping oasis of Ikea, complete with babysitting.    Once everything is settled down, I intend to go to Ikea, put the boys in babysitting and quietly read a book in one of their display living rooms.
  • Apartments do not necessarily come with a furnished kitchen.   I don’t mean that it doesn’t come with furniture.   The kitchen is an empty room; no stove, cabinets, ovens, refrigerator…not even the kitchen sink!   The apartment we chose was supposed to come with a kitchen and a nice one at that.   Prior to signing the contract, the owners decided they wanted to take it with them.  They promised to replace it with a “nice” kitchen they already had.  We accepted because this apartment was the nicest we had seen by far.   We move in pre-kitchen.  The guys arrive with the “nice” kitchen which was circa 1970 including a monstrous bright yellow hood.   The other pieces were some odd mismatch and the stove and refrigerator didn’t function properly.   My poor husband had to straighten it out and demand a better kitchen from the owners.   Unfortunately, I had can’t help yet since I can’t “complain” in Italian yet.    We do have an acceptable wall of kitchen components now.  It’s molto piccolo but we’ll work around it. 

On the bright side, we woke this morning and took our coffee on the terrace overlooking the sea.   The Amalfi Coast beckons us in the distance.    Buon Domenica.