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When you move to a new country, there are things you like and things you don’t.   I’ve been comparing countries too much and not appreciating the differences.    Don’t ask or you’ll have to listen to my litany of complaints!  Most have to do with convenience and service, i.e. no clothes dryers (arrghh).    I definitely DO appreciate the open-air markets.  We have a market close by that is open every morning.  We go on Saturday mornings to buy our fruit and vegetables.   Along with food, you can buy all kinds of things–clothes, shoes, beauty products, luggage, etc.  It’s a fun experience with the vendors yelling to people passing by, big crowds, different sights and smells and general chaos.   The boys enjoy it– especially the fishmongers.   We have been buying from one particular fishmonger because they are real characters and always try to amuse the boys.  (The fish is good, too.)    Check out the pictures!

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