Russell on the swing

I am truly beginning to appreciate the mild climate in South Italy.  Yesterday, January 16th, we went for a day trip to a little town called Giffoni sei Casali.   We wore only fleece pullovers and we were actually a bit hot.   The sun was bright as we took a short hike through a park which is a part of a long trail system called  G.A.L. Colline Salernitane  (   We intend to return for a longer hike; yesterday was a scouting mission.  The kids had a great time.  Duilio used a compass to help us with maintain our direction and Russell took notes like his favorite character, Jack, in the Magic Tree House books. 

Duilio on the swing

Giffoni is an adorable town famous for its children’s film festival (  You would have never known it yesterday.   On a Sunday afternoon around 1:00 pm, it is deserted as all decent Italians are inside eating their Sunday lunch.  Stores are closed; only a few tweens and teenagers were outside chatting it up in the piazza. 

We ended our outing with a delicious lunch at “Il Vecchio Refuge”.  The four of us had a primo piatto; Luca and I also had a secondo piatto and wine – all for €42.   Gotta love Italy.

Il Vecchio Refuge