Just an ordinary week here in the Lioce household…school, work, errands, blah, blah, blah.   The weather was rainy on the weekend so no new adventures to report.    I can’t complain after what I’ve heard about weather on the East Coast.  My heart goes out to you (snicker, snicker).   

The good news is we (the boys and I) are making new friends.  We’ve had a couple playdates in the last couple weeks.   Meeting woman friends does feel like dating sometimes.   I wonder, “How will I meet someone nice?  How do I ask her if she wants to do something?  Will we have anything in common?  What will she think of me….and the kids?”  Thankfully, the people I have met are friendly and interesting.

After a visit this afternoon, I realized I have an Ikea problem.  After discussing setting up house and our recent furniture additions, it became clear that everything was purchased at Ikea.    Do you think they have a support group?  Perhaps I should contact Ikea and suggest they take catalog pictures here.  Well, I suppose it’s not so bad; easier on the wallet than a Pottery Barn addiction.  (You know who I’m talking to out there.) 


Everyone knows that Italian food rocks.  We’ve been eating well.  The beauty of it is I’ve lost around 8 pounds without even trying.  I think it’s a combination of the food and extra walking I do as a matter of course.  Go Mediterranean cuisine!  A dish I made recently was from a Jamie Oliver (http://www.jamieoliver.com/) recipe but definitely Italian.  It was called Pappardelle with Dried Porcini and Thyme, Tomato and Mascarpone Sauce.   I even made the fresh pasta.  Delicious.   Try this at home, kids!

Preparing the "funghi"

The finished product


Last random thought for this post.  What do you think of my new sewing box?  I love it!

Sewing box for today's woman!