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Here are a few photos you might find interesting or funny from the past week.

Meet “Snoop-Doggy-Russell”

In this picture, he’s actually upset with me about something and showing me his extreme displeasure.  I can’t remember exactly what it was but I believe he told me that he “wouldn’t do anything I ever asked him to again.”   He often threatens to not sleep for 12 weeks if he doesn’t get his way.    This, indeed, would teach us a lesson.

At the restaurant  “La Bugia”

While we were out touring around last Sunday, we stopped at a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere.    It was called “La Bugia” which means “the lie”.   It turned out to be an appropriate name because it was a lie that your meal was ever going to arrive.  The service was REALLY slow but to be fair, the food was good.  You can get some fantastic meals at these little places.  While we were waiting, we had plenty of time to observe this gentleman… he took a nap (including snoring), woke up, ate and downed a litre of wine.    I was actually afraid that he was going to fall out of the chair.   Hmmmm…. by the time our meal arrived, I had my fair share of wine so people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, I suppose. 

Gentleman at "La Bugia"

 Can you say “fresh” lamb chops?


The butcher told me that they only had lamb chops on Fridays and Saturdays.    I didn’t realize it was because that’s when the whole slaughtered lamb came in.    Imagine seeing that in the meat case at your local Stop & Shop!  Doesn’t get any fresher, does it!


Meet “Flat Reed”…


My friend, Liz, asked if we would mind helping her son, Reed, with a school project.  His class was doing their own “Flat Stanley” project sending their flat selves to somewhere far away.  Read his letter below.  He did a great job and it is TOO cute!

Reed's Letter

Reed is having a good time with us.  The boys and he get along well.    Although, they do bicker about the toys sometimes.  Reed went with us to visit Nonna and Nonno in Foggia a couple weekends ago.  He enjoyed playing outside.  He climbed olive trees and even got stuck inside the chicken coop.  Last weekend, he went with us to see Castello di Limatola.  It’s a beautifully restored castle which has banquet rooms, a restaurant and guest rooms.  Imagine getting married there!  

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Stay tuned for further adventures of “Flat Reed”….  and check out our new “About Us” page….

A beautiful morning

Walking down to Torrione

This morning I really didn’t have much that I had to do.   I felt slightly guilty for a few moments then realized that I needed to do some grocery shopping.    Grocery shopping must be done two to three times per week.   Refrigerators are smaller and food is simply eaten when it’s fresh.    Shopping is done in many small, specialized stores.  There are some larger supermarkets but the prices are higher and the meat and produce is not as fresh.  I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I went straight from a U.S. supermarket to an Italian supermarket but we’ve have become accustomed and picky.   (Besides I’m cheap!)     You would think that shopping more often would be a nuisance.  It can be but more often it isn’t.  Take this morning as an example.  It’s sunny and about 50°F.  I decide to walk down to the shopping area in the area known as Torrione.  Torrione literally means “tower” and this area is called Torrione because an old castle tower marks the beginning of it.    I walk down the street and pass by the school that Duilio will attend next year.   

Elementary School



Ahead there’s an edicola or newstand.  You can find many newspapers and magazines at these stands scattered throughout the city.   

I need a few things for lunch and dinner.  I stop by the “Macelleria” or butcher to pick up some veal cutlets.  This is my favorite macelleria. 

Inside the macelleria

The macellaio (butcher) is quite nice. 

Macellaio (Butcher)

He didn’t laugh at me when I had to pantomime a rabbit because I didn’t know the Italian word.

I also need fresh bread so I stopped at the “panificio.”   


Bonus! I also found some tortellini for lunch so I didn’t have to stop at one of the markets. 

Panettiere (baker)

Some markets are like supermarkets which went through a super-shrinking machine.  Everything is packed into about 1/20th of the space of a normal supermarket.  They tend to freak me out a little because they’re claustrophobic and always busy.  The check-out lines get crazy with the old ladies muscling their way into line.  So far I’ve been too polite to call them on it. 

Most things are more economical.  The bread and tortellini cost €2.50 (euros) and the three heads of cauliflower cost €1.00 at the open market.  However, the shampoo and styling product cost €30.00 which I bought at a salon. What the heck?!!  Notice the cheap beads that were my “gift”.  Gee thanks, how about €10.00 off instead?!!  Branded items costano molto in Italia!

Pane & Tortellini - 2.50 euro - Good Buy!

Cauliflower - 1 euro - Another good buy!

Small bottles of shampoo and hair product - 30 euros - what the ???

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