Meet “Flat Reed”…


My friend, Liz, asked if we would mind helping her son, Reed, with a school project.  His class was doing their own “Flat Stanley” project sending their flat selves to somewhere far away.  Read his letter below.  He did a great job and it is TOO cute!

Reed's Letter

Reed is having a good time with us.  The boys and he get along well.    Although, they do bicker about the toys sometimes.  Reed went with us to visit Nonna and Nonno in Foggia a couple weekends ago.  He enjoyed playing outside.  He climbed olive trees and even got stuck inside the chicken coop.  Last weekend, he went with us to see Castello di Limatola.  It’s a beautifully restored castle which has banquet rooms, a restaurant and guest rooms.  Imagine getting married there!  

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Stay tuned for further adventures of “Flat Reed”….  and check out our new “About Us” page….