Last weekend we went skiing in Roccaraso in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It’s still considered the south of Italy.  By car, it’s about 2 ½ hours from Salerno.  It was hard for me to imagine that anywhere in the south of Italy would actually have enough snow to ski.   Roccaraso was definitely high enough to have snow.  I am used to skiing in New England where Killington Summit is considered a respectable mountain. Killington Summit is 4,241 feet (1,293 meters) while Toppe del Tesoro at Roccaraso is 7,027 feet (2,142 meters).  I was impressed.  It was my first time skiing outside of New England but I figured if I can those icy slopes, I can ski anywhere. 

Sport Village Hotel

We arrived Friday and got settled in at the Sports Village Hotel.  It is a nice skiers’ hotel; not fancy but clean and functional.  They have big family rooms with a bed for the parents and a couple of twins for the kids.  They even have a “mini club” where they arrange activities for kids in the afternoon and evening so parents can kick back and relax.  We then took a ride up to the mountain to check it out.  The kids had some playtime sliding down a slope.  Duilio wanted to go higher like the big kids (who were totally out of control coming down).   Aaah, I remember what it’s like to have no fear. 

Duilio - Xtreme slider


Russell sliding

Saturday was a beautiful day, warm and sunny.  The kids had their first ski lesson.   A big moment for us as Luca and I are really hoping the kids like the same sports we do.   The weather was so nice that people were hanging around at the bottom of the slope.  A DJ was playing music while people sunbathed and kids ran around playing.  It was una grande festa! 

Our little skiers

Luca at the summit

Coulette at the Summit


This is the easy slope!

You have to be careful with the sun at that altitude.  We saw many people with sunburns.  Dedicated sunbathers had this weird dark brown/orange tan.  I saw one older woman with this bizarre leather looking, dark orange tan that actually startled me.  Weird to WANT to look like that!

Unfortunately, Sunday was a different story.  It started to rain just about the time the boys went to their ski lessons.  Luca and I decided to attempt a run down the mountain.  As we went up the lift, the rain turned to rain/snow/ice with a strong wind.  Now, the problem was Luca had sacrificed his goggles so that the boys and I could have goggles.  We only had 3 pairs.  He also did not have his sunglasses with him.  As we commenced the run, Luca couldn’t see a thing with the wind and ice whipping into his eyes.  Fortunately, I found Russell’s sunglasses in my pocket which Luca wore and made it down.  He was looking pretty cool in those glasses. 🙂 After that, we rescued our wet little troopers from the ski lesson and headed home.    That’s how it goes.  Still a great weekend!