I’ve been off the blog-o-sphere because I’ve been planning the birthday party of the century.  At least it feels that way to me.  Whenever it comes to something for the kids, I get a little crazy.   We’re also not following some of the “rules” of birthday parties in Salerno.    All kids in a class (25 by the way) are invited which we did do.  They’re normally held in the evening in a Ludoteca (a party playplace) because not many people can fit nor want 30 to 50 people in their apartment.   We’re holding it at our place from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.    We’re lucky enough to have a garden large enough to accommodate the party.    Cross your fingers for good weather.   It’s looking good so far.  Today was sunny and 75°F.  (I know, I know.  Shut up and stop gloating about the weather.   Being a New England girl, I’m amazed that people actually live in a place where it isn’t cold and snowy for a good part of the year.)

I unwittingly caused confusion with the invitations.  People were unsure if parents could stay (due to lack of space).   Would lunch be served?  I had to create a follow up notice to clarify!   I’m afraid they will all come out of curiosity.   Oh, and forget getting RSVPs.   Not done here.  I only got about 5 and those when I saw the mothers in passing.    We’ll either run out of food or be eating little pizzas and hotdogs for a week. 

Planning this party has taken a lot out of me.    It’s not like I can go over to Walmart and the party store for all my party needs.  It’s been a path of discovery.  Not easy for someone who speaks really bad Italian.   I was really stumped on creating a cake.  Duilio chose The Pink Panther as his theme.    If he would have chosen Ben 10 or Bakugan, it would have been a cake walk (ha, ha).    I had to go pay homage to La Regina delle Torte (the Queen of Cakes).  This mother created the most awesome cake for her boy.  It was a massive and magnificent Gormiti cake.  She told me that she starts planning the cake a year ahead.    (Seriously?!)    Anyway after some laborious conversation, she directed me to a store called “Candy, Candy”.  Very cool little store.  Again, laborious conversation at the store and was told I could design a cake top that they turn into a cardboard-like edible topping.  Design something on the computer, right up my alley!  Check it out.

Almost ready.  Activities and games are planned.  Help from a friend is lined up.  A big day of baking tomorrow then the event on Saturday.    Wish me luck!  I’m definitely going to need a mimosa (or 2) at the party to calm my nerves….