I’m happy to report that Duilio’s birthday party was a success.  There were a few tense moments prima la festa like when the cake boss almost had a total meltdown because her no-fail vanilla birthday cake recipe FAILED.  The cupcakes fell into shriveled little mounds.  I rallied and made the recipe again into a sheet cake.   It also wasn’t perfect but was acceptable since it was the back-up cake.  (I was afraid we wouldn’t have enough.)  The main cake was chocolate and came out perfectly. 

A few moments before 11:00 am, the appointed party hour, Luca and I had another moment.  We looked at each other and said, “What if no one shows up?”    Just then, people started arriving.  It was beautiful weather and many, many people came.   We put out a big tub of bubbles and that got the kids started off.     We also had a paper bag puppet activity which was new here.  The parents and kids loved it.  They spent a lot more time on that than expected. 

Luca was in charge of hot food so he arrived with tons of pizzette and rustici from a pasticceria.  He also manned the grill.  Everyone raved about his hamburgers and hotdogs.  They even asked how we made the hamburger which was pretty amusing.   Ummm, take some ground beef and make a patty….

Duilio was in his glory.  He had fun playing and couldn’t wait for the opening of the presents (of course).    Russell stood guard while he opened the presents since some of the little ones were trying to help.  He had to get pretty tough with them. 

It was a relief to be finished but we were happy we did it.  This week I’m going to do a whole lot of nuthin’.

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