This is what I love about the south of Italy.  You buy your food fresh.  I mean real fresh.  Take these chickens being sold by the side of the road.  Anyone up for slaughtering and cleaning their own chicken dinner?    This photo was actually taken right outside the city of Foggia at a round-about on the way to Luca’s parents’ house.  

Chickens being sold by the roadside


Other canned items & beans being sold at the roaside




Meet the newest members of our family.  I think I like them even more than the boys.  They are too cute. 


Duilio has a laboratorio d’arte on Monday afternoons. While he’s at class, Russell and I will sometimes do our own art project.  Here he made some paper bag puppets.

Russell and his puppets

Every once in a while, the boys open a Dinosaur Museum which they are always very proud of.  This one was complete with a “Grand Opening” sign.

Duilio and the Dinosaur Museum