The morning after we arrived, we decided to hike from the campsite. There were several trails and we wanted to ease the boys into hiking this summer. We took a trail to little waterfalls and then on up to a chapel. The chapel was a more difficult hike but, strangely, the boys tend to do better on those. I think it’s more interesting for them. We followed a stream back down crossing several times on the rocks for no other reason than to do it.

The village of Häselgehr

The raging river that we forged

Views from the chapel

Later in the week we went for a couple more hikes. In Holzgau, we took a ski lift up and hiked back down (about 2 hours). The second day we took the lift again but hiked UP. The boys enjoyed riding the ski lift. It helped to sweeten the deal for them so we wouldn’t just be “walking for hours”. They don’t quite understand the concept of hiking for the sake of it. Although, they have fun once we get started. It’s like when we were visiting historic cities earlier this year. Duilio complained, “Why do we keep stopping at these cities that don’t do anything!”

This restaurant is at the top of the lift. After a hike, I had a few memorable moments of tranquility sipping (or swilling) a refreshing beer. The boys were playing at the swings with Luca watching. Did I mention there are no small beers in Austria? Notice the “1800m” sign on the building – that’s 5,900 feet.

Ready for the hike

Village looks a little smaller from here!

Swinging at altitude

This summit was popular with paragliders.

Looks like we’re torturing them, doesn’t it?

The views were spectacular!

These were the trails we hiked up. See the tiny white squares. You’ll see one of these signs a few pictures down.

Looks like fun but….


The hills are alive with the sound of music …

We made it!

We would love to hike from “hütte” to “hütte” some day. Do you see it?

A closer look…

I know he’s my kid but he’s too cute

..and they are too silly