School has finally started! Duilio started elementary school and Russell returned to the 5 year old class of the Scuola dell Infanzia. They don’t have a kindergarten per se in Italy. In this region of Italy, elementary school kids only go to school for the morning. For example, Duilio goes to school from 8.20 to 12.20. (Generally, they go to 1.20 pm but there is currently a shortage of janitors which in turn shortened the day. Not sure what that is all about but I have learned to not tax my brain on things I cannot possibly change.) However, Duilio also to goes to school on Saturday. It will be interesting when he realizes he only gets one day of the weekend off.

Notice the boys are wearing white t-shirts. Once the weather is cooler, they are required to wear a “grembiule”. It’s a smock which they wear like a uniform. The color depends upon the school. Duilio will wear blue and Russell will wear white. For now, they wear the white shirt and blue pants or shorts.

Duilio on the steps of the school

Carlo Alberto Alemagna Elementary School

Sala Abbagnano Scuola dell Infanzia

The other big deal today was Duilio losing his front tooth. He pulled it out as he was leaving school!