I actually wrote this post in July but debated with myself about whether to post it. I generally keep my posts on the light side but this is also a part of Italy.

This girl is not waiting for a bus. She is a prostitute that sits in the blazing sun all day long. I have no idea whether she also works at night but I hope that she is at least only on the dayshift. All I know is that we see her every time we pass by on the way to the beach in Mattinata. Strangely I think, “I hope she’s wearing sun block.”

Many people travel this state stradale (state highway) on their way to beaches in Gargano and on their way to visit the tomb of Padre Pio, a modern day saint (now, that’s ironic). Along a particular stretch of this highway, prostitutes work, day and night. Most find a shady post under a tree or underpass and wait for customers.

There are specific sections assigned to different nationalities – African, Eastern Europe, who knows where else. Every time we pass, it bothers me more each time that these women are in this situation … selling their “wares” in a field or back of a car. I wish I could say that this is an isolated case but I have seen other areas like this close to Salerno.

Prostitution is actually legal in Italy. Brothels are not. They became illegal in 1959. Somehow this law was supposed to liberate women. Don’t think that worked out as planned.

We saw these old signs in a restaurant. The sign on the right is a price list in Italian Lira.