We’re into our second week of school and we’re getting into the swing of things. Last week was stressful. Living in the south of Italy is sometimes like living in a developing (or un-developing country). Chaos reigns and I find the lack of organization frustrating. Take a look at how we pick-up the kids at the elementary school. Where are the school buses, you ask?

There is a bit of a process here. The teacher brings the class out and shoots the children out the gate at the receiving parent as we push and shove to get our children. Yes, it pretty much freaked me out. I noticed it also makes Italian parents nervous when they lose sight of their little ones in the crowd. I definitely do not love this but I’m getting used to it. I’m told that when it really rains that it is a total cluster. Something to look forward to.

After I pick up Duilio, we then hop in the car to go pick up Russell at the Scuola del Infanzia. It’s actually not so bad there except for the road accessing it. It’s a funny thing but people feel the need to drive as close as possible to the entrance of anything and park haphazardly. Even it means getting stuck like this! Most of these cars had to back half way down the street. Of course, Duilio and I had parked way down the street to avoid the insanity.

As expected, Duilio was not happy about going to school Saturday morning while his brother got to stay home. At least we had a holiday on Wednesday to honor the patron saint of Salerno. The boys are also getting a couple extra days off since we’re traveling up to Elba Island for Luca’s Ironman73 (http://www.elbaman.it/73index.asp) competition. Wish him luck everyone!