The Island

Elba is a beautiful island. Napoleon didn’t have it so bad when he was exiled there in 1814. Although I suppose having your dream of world domination shattered was probably depressing for him. In any case, we enjoyed our weekend there. It’s a great place for a vacation with plenty of activities. Not only are there beautiful beaches but there is also scuba diving, boating, hiking, biking and historical places to visit.

It seems to be a very active island. While we were on the island, there was a classic rally car race including a Ferrari expo ( and the Elbaman. There were two Ferraris next to us on the ferry ride over!

The Elbaman

Luca was a finisher! This in itself is a huge achievement. Can you imagine swimming 1.9 km, biking 94 km then running a half marathon? Mama mia! Naturally, he’s already thinking about how to improve his performance for the next one. Here’s the link again:

There is a cool little video posted.

On Saturday Luca had to check in his bike and we checked out the course. We had driven around the bike route while touring the island. It was really hilly. Yikes!

You check your bikes in the night before in the transition area.

Lots of fancy triathlon bikes around….Luca’s not so fancy. Can you see where that’s headed?

The pink area is where the professionals transition. They don’t have to check in until the morning.

Swim course

The day before Luca seemed a bit nervous since it was his first long distance triathlon. The morning of the race he was pumped up and ready to go.

This was the beginning of the full ironman distance swim.

While Luca was busy for the day, we decided to have some fun and take a boat ride. It was a boat that had the windows below deck to see the underwater life. The kids loved it!

We just may have to return to Elba for vacation next summer.