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It wasn’t actually A Big Fat Italian Wedding. That was just to get your attention. It was more like an elegant, fun Italian wedding in a lovely setting. We recently went to a friends’ wedding up in the North of Italy at Lago D’Orta (Lake Orta).

Lago D’Orta

Luca and I flew up for the weekend without the kids (woo-hoo!). Everyone stayed in this little town along the lake called Orta San Giulio. It was what you think of when you think of a little Italian town….medieval buildings, no cars in the center, small streets to explore and plenty of wine bars and restaurants. (It is a popular tourist and wedding destination.)

Central piazza in the centro storico

After arriving Friday evening, we met the groom, Luigi, at an enoteca (wine bar) for a party with other wedding guests. Luca and Luigi have been friends since liceo (high school). As an aside, we credit the bride, Chiara, with getting Luca and I together. She invited him to a party, he invited me, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Luigi’s party was interesting with a friendly, international crowd. I was rather disappointed that almost everyone spoke English…I didn’t get to practice much! We were very lucky that our hotel was just a few steps away. It was a very cool hotel by the way. Small and cozy with very particular rooms; the showers were right in the room. (

This was the view from our hotel room window.

It was an afternoon wedding so we had time to explore the town. Everywhere we went, we met other wedding guests strolling around as well.

The paintings on the buildings were beautiful.

This chapel was in front of our hotel.

The wedding was in a church Orto San Giulio up this very steep, cobbled street. Many of the women braved the walk in tacchi alti (high heels). I hadn’t worn heels since Russell was born so I waited until we were safely back down the hill to change. I prefer not to break my ankles! It was a lovely ceremony and they even received a personal blessing from the Pope. Wow.

The church

The reception was about twenty minutes away so they actually arranged transportation for everyone via a little scenic train then a bus. This was one organized bride. The reception was at an actual castle complete with ancestral paintings and coats of arms. She truly must have felt like a princess on her wedding day.

One of the dining rooms at the reception

I was impressed by the door.

In case we were attacked, we located the nearest weapons and armor

Congratulations Luigi & Chiara!


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