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At least I hope so. After two weeks of school vacation, Russell was home sick with a fever and sore throat. On Friday, he was able to return to school. To celebrate my few hours of freedom, I decided to andare in centro to do a little shopping. After a year and half in Salerno, I’ve never blogged about the center of Salerno. Salerno has been around since Pre-Roman times and boasts a historic center. It’s not large but it is nice. It’s always enjoyable to take a stroll through the narrow winding streets. It’s filled with stores, restaurants and, of course, coffee bars.

I generally park in a large parking lot outside of the center and walk in past the train station and down the corso. Most Italian cities of a decent size have a corso which has shops, restaurants, etc. including department and clothing stores like Benetton. They are usually closed to general traffic so people can stroll down the street safely. Strolling down the corso is quite a social event in the evenings when it’s warmer.

This is a picture of the corso in the morning.

My first mission was to visit a shop to exchange a bag that Luca had bought for me for Christmas. He bought it at a shop that we both really like. The owner makes the leather goods, mostly purses and belts, on the premises. He didn’t have the purse I wanted in black so he’s going to make it for me and I’ll pick it up in a week. I think it’s cool that you can still buy handmade products from the person who made it. It seems more unique and special.

Here’s an example of some remaining Roman columns. My guess is they were covered up in the past and then rediscovered.

After the leather shop, I shopped the sales. Like in the U.S., after Christmas is the time of big discounts and great time to stock up. Naturally, I had to take a break to have a coffee and biscotti.

A street in the historic center

It has been a long time since I posted. There were lots of holiday activities and I’ve been working part-time. I couldn’t find the time to write blogs but I miss it. Blogging is a good way for me to reflect on life and appreciate it. In the midst of the daily grind, it’s easy to forget what we have. Buona Domenica!

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