A few Sunday mornings ago, I must have asked the boys ten times to get dressed. They have already perfected the masculine art of selective hearing. (I remember my Grandpa Nubile having this art perfected. It was truly amazing. ) Finally, around lunchtime as I took the last batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, I yelled upstairs, “Whoever is NOT dressed doesn’t get any cookies!” Suddenly I hear little feet scurrying to their room. Five minutes later they arrived, fully dressed. Those kids will do anything for chocolate chip cookies. Whoever says bribery is not a good parenting technique doesn’t have kids….

This winter we decided to take little excursions when the weather is nice on Sunday mornings. It’s easier on the kids than longer trips, especially with Duilio in school on Saturday mornings. Besides, there seems to be castles or ruins of castles on every hilltop around here. We thought it would be fun to A) try to find them and B) hike around them and check them out.

One morning we went to Montoro Inferiore and saw this castle. We were actually looking for a different castle that we have seen from the highway many times! Guess we’ll have to give it another try.

Castle Ruins

View from the castle site – See the snow on the distant mountains!

Old building with pigeon holes

My Little Adventurers

Church adjacent to the castle ruins – It was pretty new – 1800’s….

Statue of Jesus outside of the church.

Another Sunday, we went to Agropoli. This town has been settled since Neolithic times and that is a mighty long time. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agropoli for more on Agropoli.

It’s a pity we didn’t know about this town when we moved here. I think it would have suited us even better than Salerno. It’s small but lively and has a charming corso. It has a centro storico on the hilltop with a castle, of course. Also, nearby are the many lovely beaches of Cilento.

Our budding photographers, Russell and Duilio took many of the photos this day.

We had many photos of cats…I figured I’d better publish at least one…


The stairs leading up to the historic center

Taking a break on the corso

I wonder why we look so tall?


Now that the boys are taking pictures, there will actually be pictures of Luca and I together again….

The old city gates…cool…


View of the harbor

Agropoli’s corso on a Sunday morning…