Carnevale is a popular festival throughout Italy. Some cities are famous for their festivals but everyone celebrates in some way or other. Here’s a short article about it:

A couple of Moms in Russell’s class organized a costume party at a local party place or “ludoteca”. It gave the kids a chance to dress in costume and run around like crazy people while the parents stood around chatting and eating too much. In typical fashion, everyone brought a dish of something so there was plenty to choose from. My cupcakes were a hit because cupcakes are a bit of a novelty. The recipes were requested by a couple people so they’ll soon discover how easy they are to make. So much for my moment of fame….

Russell, of course, was Ironman. Duilio surprised us by asking to be Arlecchino (Harlequin Clown), one of the typical Carnevale clowns (

Duilio in his Arlecchino costume

Russell as Ironman

Towards the end of the party, Duilio says, “It’s just too much for me.”

The gang – at least those they could get to stand still for a moment