Generally, I write about the positive aspects of our experience in Italy. For the sake of honesty (actually, I just want to complain), I have to include some not so positive aspects. Going to the hairdresser in Italy is nothing short of torture for me. I have been through three hairdressers in one year and a half. It isn’t because they don’t do a decent job. It’s because they take so **bleeping** long.

The first one I went to when we moved here took 3 ½ hours to cut and color my hair. At the time, my hair was shorter than my boys’. What could possibly take so long??!! On to the next one… I stuck with him until I had to wait over an hour when I had called for an appointment. This is when I learned that appointments mean absolutely nothing so don’t bother. You try to go when it isn’t too busy. (I’m there when they’re opening the doors in the morning.)

Finally, I found the one that seemed to be quicker. Although, he is slipping. The last couple of visits are going over my limits. Today was three hours but it did include highlights so I guess I’ll give him another chance. Definitely on probation.

The new color…