There are days like “the day of the gate” then there are days like today. The sun is shining; the sky is a brilliant blue. It was already getting too warm for a winter coat at 8:30 am. I’m off for a little trip to Naples to pick up Russell’s passport. Any change of schedule is enough to lift your spirits out of the winter doldrums.  Don’t you just love when spring is around the corner?

Drive-through photos of Naples….

Vesuvius from the highway.   This was near the Pompeii exit.  Shows you how close they were to the volcano in AD79.


See the crazy guy on the motorcycle?  He’s got a huge package in one hand and another strapped on his back.  He was weaving through traffic like it was nothing.


The Bay of Naples taken on the lungomare near the U.S. Consulate


Fresh fish, anyone?  These fisherman had literally just caught the fish in the bay.