Salerno boasts its very own castle. While this may seem like a big deal in the U.S., it is almost ho hum in Italy where there seems to be one on every hilltop. However, Castello di Arechi has been nicely restored and features a wonderful panorama. It’s close to the city center and doesn’t take long to tour but it is definitely well worth seeing.

Here is a Wikipedia entry about the castle. It is in Italian but I can summary a few points. It is a medieval castle 300 meters above sea level overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. It is called Arechi because it is normally associated with the Longobard Duke, Arechi II.

Here is a link to the Castle’s rather annoying website:

View of the castle as you approach from the street and parking lot.

Rear view of the castle. There are also a few hiking trails on the castle grounds.

View of Salerno

Here are some actors practicing for a performance….I think it was something of Dante’s. They often use the castle for theater and musical performances. The castle is beautifully illuminated at night. You can see it way up on the hill from the city center.