Who we are

We are a half-American, half-Italian family of four.  I’m the wife and mom and I write this blog!  Luca, the husband and dad, is my part-time photographer.  The better photos are his.  Our boys, Duilio and Russell, provide material to write about. 

Why I write this blog

The purpose is twofold.  1)  To stay connected with family and friends in the US.    2) To record our experiences in Salerno for ourselves and others. 

Our Story

Luca and I met in Paris.  I know, I know….very romantic.  Who could not fall in love with a hot Italian guy in Paris?   At the time, we were both working for a large multi-national company.  I returned to Connecticut after about a year.  A year later, Luca arrived.  We married four months later and had the boys. 

As people who love to travel, we aren’t well suited to living the life of a typical suburban family.  We did our best traveling with the kids but it wasn’t satisfying our need for adventure and desire for a different lifestyle. 

We have a grand plan.  It’s semi-secret.   Don’t worry though; it’s not an evil plan of world domination. Step 1 included moving back to Europe.  Somehow we were lucky enough to land in Salerno, instead of, say Finland.  The attraction to this location in no particular order:

  • A job opportunity.   (Money for living expenses is good.)
  • Mild climate (Say bye-bye snow.)
  • On the sea (One that you can swim in without turning blue.)
  • Food (Italian food.  Enough said.)
  • Close to Luca’s family (We’re accustomed to being and like being near family.)
  • Luca wanted to wear suits to work again.  (He’s the snazzy dresser in the family.)
  • Italian is a language that at least one of us can understand.

We arrived in July 2010 and it’s been interesting so far.   Stay tuned!